A Bunch of Punctuation – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Lee Bennett Hopkins passed away earlier this year, but he left behind a massive body of work, both his own poems and ones of other poets collected for anthologies.

Here we have a fine example, with a front cover that offers a glimpse of what we can expect inside.

text ⓒLee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations ⓒSerge Bloch

Then there’s the playful back. For some reason, my phone turned the cover grey, but it’s just as blue as the front.

text ⓒLee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations ⓒSerge Bloch

Then there’s the  bouquet of punctuation on the title page!

text ⓒLee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations ⓒSerge Bloch

Am I geeking out?

The table of contents and its facing page give you a deeper idea of what’s in store. Yes, Jane Yolen is one of the contributors.

text ⓒLee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations ⓒSerge Bloch

Ok, enough of a preamble. Here’s Lee’s poem about the comma:

text ⓒLee Bennett Hopkins, illustrations ⓒSerge Bloch



by Lee Bennett Hopkins


A comma

lets you stop,



enjoy the weather,


unlike a period,

which puts an end


to any 




or sunny day

at once,





Each poem is playful and memorable, as is each illustration by Serge Bloch. Kids may even want to memorize some of these just for fun. I know I do.


Use the book’s last poem, Lines Written For You to Think About, as a springboard for writing your own poems.

Perform dramatic readings of each poem. Make punctuation mark costumes out of poster board for the performance.

Pair this book with others like EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES by Lynne Truss or SEMICOLONS, CUPCAKES & CUCUMBERS by Steve Newberry.

Play PIN THE PUNCTUATION ON THE SENTENCE. Write a silly sentence that’s missing its punctuation on a flip chart, white board, or chalk board. Write giant punctuation marks on post-it notes and have kids decide which punctuation marks are missing. Then blindfold one child and see if he/she can stick the punctuation in the right place, while listening to commands from their friends.

Title: A Bunch of Punctuation

Author/anthologist: Lee Bennett Hopkins

Illustrator: Serge Bloch

Publisher: Highlights Wordsong, 2018

Ages: K-5

Themes: Punctuation, poetry

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18 thoughts on “A Bunch of Punctuation – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

  1. Sarah Tobias says:

    I think it’s so funny that we both shared books about punctuation today. I even linked your post in my post. The comma poem brought thoughts of fall to mind. I find myself pausing quite often on my walks to look at the beautiful colors before winter comes and puts a period in its place.

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