Not This Book – Halloweensie Contest Entry

Time for Susanna Hill’s 100-word Halloweensie story contest. This year, the stories must contain the three words (in any form): potion, cobweb, trick. The 100 word limit does not include the title. And no illustration notes are allowed. I’m a little late to the party, but the clock has not yet struck midnight, so here goes! The word count for my story is exactly 100 words. Looking forward to reading as many entries as I can. Good luck, everyone!

Not This Book


Everyone loves Halloween, right?

NOT me.

I’m hiding here until Halloween is history.

This book will NOT give me nightmares.


Join me?


We’ll see NO witches,




jack o’lanterns, 

or scarecrows with hollowed out eyes….


…Ignore that shadow.


NO spiders, 



or bats will get caught in our hair.

NOTHING will tickle the backs of our necks….


…Did you feel…


…just a few shadows, but—


NO potions,


eyes of newt, 

or dinner parties where

zombies eat quivering, warm brains.





Pssst! It’s a trick! You’re in the wrong book! 


Noooooooooo!! RUN FOR IT!!



45 thoughts on “Not This Book – Halloweensie Contest Entry

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thanks, Angie! Since this contest doesn’t allow illustrator notes, I had to use spacing to relate the pacing for the story. Otherwise, reading those single words in a regular sentence structure would move the story along too quickly, not allowing the reader the chance to fully visualize what is happening. Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!

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