Little Red Riding Sheep – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Over in the Facebook alternate universe, I was saying how much I love  sheep. I grew up on a farm with sheep, and although I don't like sheep bucks because one nearly killed my father, I do love the ewes and their lambs. We raised suffolks: So is it any wonder that I'm drawn to: … Continue reading Little Red Riding Sheep – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Parts and Even More Parts – Perfect Picture Book Friday

So you're looking for a couple of books from a brilliant author/illustrator? Ones that will make kids say "ewwww" page after page, all while laughing uproariously? Ones that kids will want to read again and again and again because each little twist is ingenious? Tedd Arnold's will do the trick: For the most part, his … Continue reading Parts and Even More Parts – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Dirty Gert – Perfect Picture Book Friday

It's time once again to feature a book, for Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book Friday, that rocks my picture book world. To my friends who are not picture book lovers, please be patient with me. I promise I'll post something else soon—something to do with Burger King Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (BK PTSD), an … Continue reading Dirty Gert – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Domestic Tranquility

You said you’d: Like to know my name. Like to see more of me, all of me. Love me forever. Stop hitting me if I stopped eyeing other men. Like to have kids. Need time to think—or did you say drink? with your buddies. Like me to wear something new. Be sweet if I wasn’t … Continue reading Domestic Tranquility

Dark Fruit

In response to the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups: In the dark recess of my mind, I wonder who's not eating while I gorge on strawberries, nectarines, and peaches. Summer lovelies. Women raped in fields by their foremen or co-workers. Never tell. Mothers, fathers, children all evicted while picking fruits I swallow with delight. They … Continue reading Dark Fruit

Mad Love at Midnight

A few minutes ago, while reading the imperfectionists by Tom Rachman, I came upon this sentence: “After a little searching, he finds a gate within the pleached fence and enters.” Hmmm…could this be a typo? MSWord red flags “pleached” as I type, but then MS has an exceedingly limited vocabulary. So I pull out Webster’s … Continue reading Mad Love at Midnight

An Arresting Sentence

I was just buzzing along and suddenly sideswiped by this sentence:"The silence in the room seemed to be full of holes." from Monsieur Pain" by Roberto Bolano, translation by Chris AndrewsI sat back in my chair and listened for holes. Lovely.

Semi-bousy, anyone?

So I accidentally tripped over this word today. The OED was lying on my office floor.  semi-bousy, a. OBS. Halfdrunk. c1400 Som vnlusty persone, pat wer not wele aswakid, or semybousy ouyr eve. This juicy word must shed the dust of obsolescence. Go forth and speak of being semi-boused with your friends. 

Choice Words

The challenge, should you decide to accept it: use one of these two words in a sentence that sheds some light on their meanings. Intercalarity - The burden of the song; the putting between, as the burden is between the verses. Intercalary - adj. 1) Of a day, days, or month: Inserted at intervals in … Continue reading Choice Words