Thumpety, Dunkety, Thumpety-Thump #Perfect Picture Book Friday

Need a fun read aloud? An awesome bedtime book? Look no further. It's nearly summer! Let's go berry-picking, shall we? Wagon on gravel goes bumpety-bump. Pebbles in the pond fall dunkety dunk. Toes in the grass go thumpety-thump. Bumpety, dunkety, thumpety-thump. This has got to be one of the most playful language stories I've read … Continue reading Thumpety, Dunkety, Thumpety-Thump #Perfect Picture Book Friday

The Worst Breakfast – Perfect Picture Book Friday

As promised, one more gratuitous pic of a fabulous sculpture in THE LAST BOOKSTORE: Apparently, one reader got lost in the Horror Vault and mummified so they strapped her to the wall as a warning to others....I think she looks like an angel. You can see more pics of THE LAST BOOKSTORE in last week's … Continue reading The Worst Breakfast – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Want to Improve Your Writing?

After getting my MFA in Creative Writing for adults, I thought I knew how to write. Turns out, I didn't know how to write stories with pictures. But for the past two years, I've been trying. Correction, the first year I flailed about in the dark. The second year, I bought a flashlight to shine … Continue reading Want to Improve Your Writing?

Brain Tricks – Neuroscience, Poetry and Sheep

I'm fighting an ongoing battle to read A Prayer Like Gravity's poem, "Morning Haiku-ish" correctly: light dances on fields of belligerent sleep, chasing crows and hard scarecrows No matter how many times I read the poem, I see the word "sheep" instead of "sleep," especially if I'm reading it quickly. At least two others made similar … Continue reading Brain Tricks – Neuroscience, Poetry and Sheep

Domestic Tranquility

You said you’d: Like to know my name. Like to see more of me, all of me. Love me forever. Stop hitting me if I stopped eyeing other men. Like to have kids. Need time to think—or did you say drink? with your buddies. Like me to wear something new. Be sweet if I wasn’t … Continue reading Domestic Tranquility

Mad Love at Midnight

A few minutes ago, while reading the imperfectionists by Tom Rachman, I came upon this sentence: “After a little searching, he finds a gate within the pleached fence and enters.” Hmmm…could this be a typo? MSWord red flags “pleached” as I type, but then MS has an exceedingly limited vocabulary. So I pull out Webster’s … Continue reading Mad Love at Midnight

Choice Words

The challenge, should you decide to accept it: use one of these two words in a sentence that sheds some light on their meanings. Intercalarity - The burden of the song; the putting between, as the burden is between the verses. Intercalary - adj. 1) Of a day, days, or month: Inserted at intervals in … Continue reading Choice Words