Revealing My Boo–ks (some of them)

First, let me say, I sometimes get carried away by flying monkees. Now here are some of my shelves:

My gym bookshelves 008My gym bookshelves 007My gym bookshelves 006My gym bookshelves 003Bookshelves 026OK, take a breath. You’re in this for the long haul…

Bookshelves 025Bookshelves 023 Bookshelves 019 Bookshelves 018 Bookshelves 017 Bookshelves 016 Bookshelves 015 Bookshelves 013 Bookshelves 012 Bookshelves 011 Bookshelves 010 Bookshelves 009 Bookshelves 006 Bookshelves 005 Bookshelves 004 Bookshelves 003 Bookshelves 002 Bookshelves 001

I’ve shown you a bit of my world. Will you show me yours? Call of the Siren and I would love to go a-gawking. Cheers!

Other bookshelves for your viewing pleasure:

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42 thoughts on “Revealing My Boo–ks (some of them)

  1. FictionFan says:

    Good Lord! You make me look quite restrained! And you’re so organised – there’s a definite logic to your system, whereas mine just involves bunging a book in anywhere I can find a space…

    So that’s what IQ84 looks like in hardback (I kindled it). Did you need some kind of lifting gear to read it? And is there really such a thing as the Best Writing on Mathematics? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Ha! I’d say I do quite a bit of “bunging in” to get things to fit. We used a small crane to read 1Q84, and yes, some of the best “math writers” do other things, like play the piano. One interesting essay in the math book is written by Vijay Iyer who discusses the Fibonacci series and how he uses math to structure his music. Fascinating stuff! We heard him in concert here, and the man is amazing! Anyway, I just realized that I shelved “Shame” and “Hunger” on opposite ends of the same shelf. Hmmmmm. What does that mean? :o)

  2. FictionFan says:

    There’s an added benefit to this for really lazy, disorganised people – not unlike myself. I can now sit downstairs, hunt down a book on the laptop and then go straight to it! All that squatting and stretching to see top and bottom shelves is a thing of the past… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      You are so right. I now remember our insurance company telling us we should photograph all the books we own. If some disaster strikes we would immediately have a record of them all. Didn’t think about the benefit of quickly finding books from remote locations. I wouldn’t call it lazy though, I’d call it efficient. :o)

      • Lady Fancifull says:

        No no – work may expand to fill the time allotted, but the number of books expands to EXCEED the space allotted. Books are like Japanese knotweed, – if you clear a space in your book garden you will find that more quickly than you thought possible the cleared space becomes stifled and strangled with a plethora of new book roots which choked the clear space in the moment you took your eyes off it.

        How do they do that? Not to mention, I swear, downloaded themselves in droves to any ereaders?

        Never mind the fact that insects called bookworms devour books, it is the other way round – voracious books devour readers. And as for those utterly SHAMELESS books who insist on returning to chomp through the hapless reader again and again – have they no pity? Why do they insist on waking me from my slumbers, whispering seductively – re-read me, re-read me NOW?

        • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

          What you are describing is something Einstein never developed a theory for—the physics of books! The empirical evidence is overwhelming. Where, oh where are the great minds of our time who can find a solution to this problem?

  3. 4amWriter says:

    I’m sorry I missed this post when it first went live. I am not a book hoarder, because I am a minimalist by nature and my house is too small. ๐Ÿ™‚ But! If I could have one room at my disposal, I would turn it into a cozy library. It would be my sanctuary.

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      The founders of our son’s school own a place where the kids go for “farm school” where they learn about planting, harvesting and science in general. They turned a small outbuilding into a library. It is my dream. You would love it!

  4. dkatiepowellart says:

    I am enough of a book hoarder that I visited all the folks on your list. Felt a bit like someone peeking through a window. I will post mine on zenkatwrites for the hell of it today. Juneau girl here! Like your site.

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