Revealing My Boo–ks (some of them)

First, let me say, I sometimes get carried away by flying monkees. Now here are some of my shelves: OK, take a breath. You're in this for the long haul... I've shown you a bit of my world. Will you show me yours? Call of the Siren and I would love to go a-gawking. Cheers! … Continue reading Revealing My Boo–ks (some of them)

Literary Mardi Gras: Show Us Your Shelves!

You've heard a similar "request" yelled during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, right? Please don't respond with THOSE kinds of photos. This is a PG-rated blog. Instead, Nick (Call of the Siren) and I want to see the books on your shelves. We want to take a dip into your psyche and expose your literary soul … Continue reading Literary Mardi Gras: Show Us Your Shelves!