Midst NaNoWriMo – Book Ogling

Time out from NaNoWriMo to post a, ah, quickie. 😮

We’ve ogled each others’ bookshelves in the past, but these are bookshelves par excellence:

Bookshelf Porn

Go ahead and drool.

24 thoughts on “Midst NaNoWriMo – Book Ogling

  1. Carrie Rubin says:

    Aren’t those fabulous? Wouldn’t you love to ensconce yourself in one of those big rooms for a weekend, all alone with nothing but you and shelves full of books? I might go for the one with the sky-high windows. Gorgeous.

  2. Lady Fancifull says:

    Envy, particularly bookshelf space envy, is so unbecoming! This is the second time today a blogger has made me DROOOOL. Its such an unattractive look, too.

    I may even have salivated more over your link than I did over the blog in Freshly Pressed (go on, you know you want to look) run by a photographer and vegetarian which on the Freshly Pressed features -photographs of chocolate from a couple of her recipes (and the recipes themselves).

    Now THAT drool is easily satisfied, I can after all MAKE THE RECIPES and satisfy the drool (and book the appointment with the dentist for next week, the dressmaker the week after to put panels in on all my clothes, and the gym the week after that when during the week’s wait for the panelled clothes I manage to outgrow the panels BUT

    How do I deal with the inconsolable truth that such glorious bookshelf space is well out of reach (sobs)

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Do not despair!!! This is where you start to cultivate deep friendships with wealthy people who adore books but don’t read them. Offer to “curate” their libraries. Bring the cats. Settle in. Ahhhhhh….How’s that for a plan? I’m not sure how they’ll feel about you cooking chocolate desserts there, though.

  3. timberbookshelves says:

    A delight. My next trip to Dublin will hopefully include the Royal Irish Academy library. You can view their catalogue online and need to have the book retrieved ahead of time. When you sit down amidst the books and you are given cotton gloves. You look down and see a cushion – its for the book. Looking forward to it. Thank you for posting the link to the images of books, more people need to understand the well of stored ideas, facts and thoughts that are available inside those covers. And they look good.

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