Super Saurus and the Egg – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Looking for a funny twist on the “new baby in the house” picture book? Look no further. Deborah Underwood has it covered with a mash-up of space aliens and dinosaurs in comic book technicolor:

Arnold, aka Super Saurus, is busy happily battling Zottlebots—

when his parents interrupt to show him their egg.

Arnold’s nonchalant response?

And since his parents don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl because it hasn’t hatched yet, Arnold decides it could be ANYTHING, even the EGG OF DOOM!!!!!

So he tells his friend exactly how he’ll save the planet from whatever may escape from the egg. Her response?

“What if it’s really a baby? Babies are nice!”

But Arnold is not convinced that the EGG OF DOOM contains a real baby.

So he “keeps a constant vigil,” taking the egg on all of his superhero adventures.

Kids will giggle when his parents misunderstand Arnold’s devotion, thinking he and the future baby are already good friends. 


Arnold leaps out of bed, dons his super hero outfit, and prepares for battle.

Turns out it IS and ACTUAL BABY!

Like any good sibling, Arnold quickly tries all kinds of tricks, blowing bubbles, playing the bagpipes, and then holding his ears when he runs out of ideas on how to soothe the baby.

But it turns out, he’s got one more trick—cuddling her in his cape and calling his new baby sister “SUPER GOO”—that turns her tears into smiles.

From then on, it’s TEAM Super Saurus and Super Goo saving the world from Zottlebots!

This funny and sweet book is perfect for siblings who’ll be sharing their parents with a new baby.

The illustrations by Ned Young are super hero bold and colorful and space alien spot on. And the long-necked dino parents are sure to elicit their own share of giggles.

Title: Super Saurus and the Egg

Author: Deborah Underwood

Illustrator: Ned Young

Publisher: Disney/Hyperion, 2018

Ages: preschool – grade 3

Themes: new baby, dinosaurs, space aliens

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