Celebrate Floyd Cooper Day

Image from Highlights Foundation Floyd Cooper, an amazing and inspiring author/illustrator, passed away in 2021. He wrote and/or illustrated more than 100 books for children, and was known for being a kind and thoughtful mentor. In his honor, the Children's Book Council has established Floyd Cooper Day, celebrating his life, his work, and his legacy. … Continue reading Celebrate Floyd Cooper Day

Zippy, the Bunny? – #SpringFlingKidlit

Just in time writing! Here's my entry for this year's Spring Fling!! Cheers! Spring Fling Rules 1. Story targets kids ages 12 or under. 2. Inspired by a child-appropriate gif, that is the only visual for the story. 3. 150 or fewer words, not including the title. 4. No illustration notes. 5. Post stories from … Continue reading Zippy, the Bunny? – #SpringFlingKidlit

Holiday Respite

Please stay healthy and safe...and get some rest! and best wishes for a far better 2021!!! See you in the new year!

Promises Are For – 10th Annual Holiday Contest

Once again, deadlines have driven me to create something new. Plus, it's hard to resist writing a story for Susanna Hill's 10th Annual Holiday Contest. The rules: 250 or fewer words, not including the titleHoliday helpers or helping must be a major theme, not just incidental to the main storyMust be targeted toward kids, ages … Continue reading Promises Are For – 10th Annual Holiday Contest

Pandemic Halloween – #Halloweensie

Time to enter Susanna Hill's annual Halloweensie Contest! The rules: Must be for kids age 12 and under.Must contain a version of the words: creepy, skeleton, mask.Must be related to Halloween.Must be 100 words or fewer, not including title.No illustration notes allowed. In the spirit of 2020, here's my 99-word story, including a recording for … Continue reading Pandemic Halloween – #Halloweensie

Never Trust an Easter Lion – #SpringFlingKidlit

It's time for the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest!  Rules: Stories should be for kids ages, 12 or under use a GIF to inspire your story use no more than 150 words (mine is exactly that) no illustration notes How could I resist this GIF from giphy.com???? NEVER TRUST AN EA(S)TER LION By Jilanne Hoffmann   … Continue reading Never Trust an Easter Lion – #SpringFlingKidlit

Double-Crossed Hearts – #Valentiny Contest

Once again, I'm taking the plunge into Susanna Hill's Valentiny contest, where participants must write a story that is 214 words or fewer (title not included). AND this year, it must contain a character who is curious. They can be curious about anything. No illustration notes are allowed, so even though this is an exercise … Continue reading Double-Crossed Hearts – #Valentiny Contest

Not This Book – Halloweensie Contest Entry

Time for Susanna Hill's 100-word Halloweensie story contest. This year, the stories must contain the three words (in any form): potion, cobweb, trick. The 100 word limit does not include the title. And no illustration notes are allowed. I'm a little late to the party, but the clock has not yet struck midnight, so here … Continue reading Not This Book – Halloweensie Contest Entry

Nonfiction vs. Fiction – Seeking Truth in Squaw Valley

God, I love the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. Spending a week with 150 other people who are as connected to writing as emphysema patients are to their oxygen tanks is nothing short of nirvana. When I attended Squaw, I focused solely on fiction writing. No big surprise given my MFA. But during the … Continue reading Nonfiction vs. Fiction – Seeking Truth in Squaw Valley

Twists & Turns – A Writing Life

At 9:30pm last night, as I was sitting down to write my Perfect Picture Book Friday post, the movers arrived—with furniture from my husband's office. His company is going virtual, so what to do with all that stuff? Well, some was sold, some was given away to employees, and some was supposed to come to … Continue reading Twists & Turns – A Writing Life