Climate Warriors – Perfect Picture Book (+MG) Friday

Some picture books land at the upper end of elementary school and into middle school, due to their complex content, vocabulary, and word count. They usually involve more photographic content than illustrations and come with a table of contents and index. CLIMATE WARRIORS is one of those books.


The author, Laura Gehl, starts by giving readers an introduction to the concept of climate change, how humans are causing climate change,



and how we can help fight the problem—specifically, how kids can help fight the problem.



Gehl goes on to introduce a series of scientists and how they’re working to fight climate change. She includes areas like making cities more climate-friendly, communicating science effectively, using AI to find patterns and make recommendations, studying blue carbon (coastal and and ocean ecosystems), understanding environmental economics, growing meat in the laboratory, the psychology of how people view natural resources, and more!



There’s also a section that shines a spotlight on young climate warriors, explains how to write a letter to the government, and includes a glossary and information for further reading.

But one of the most important aspects of this book is how these stories can inspire action and give kids concrete steps they can take on their own or with others. Research shows that giving someone agency helps avoid the spiral of helplessness and despair. Yes!

I highly recommend this book for kids who are exploring careers, wanting to do their part to fight climate change, and who are generally interested in science topics.


Pair this book with No World Too Big by Keila Dawson, Lindsay Metcalf, and Jeanette Bradley. Perhaps you could start a book club that focuses on different aspects of the environment. You can share what you’ve learned with adults and other peers.

If you don’t have one, start an environmental action group at your school. Discuss ways you can make a difference. Does your school compost or recycle? Can you plant trees in your town? Is there a letter writing campaign you can start? Can you take field trips to learn more about environmental issues?

Do any students at your school have a parent who is a scientist? Any that relate to helping fight climate change? See if you can invite them to your school to talk about their careers.

Title: Climate Warriors: Fourteen Scientists and Fourteen Ways We Can Save Our Planet

Author: Laura Gehl

Illustration: Photo and infographics

Publisher: Millbrook Press, 2023

Ages: 4th grade – Middle school

Themes: Climate change, activism, STEM

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2 thoughts on “Climate Warriors – Perfect Picture Book (+MG) Friday

  1. Rosi Hollinbeck says:

    I really like what I call middle-grade picture books. There are a lot of them being written for that age. This sounds like a really good one. Thanks for telling me about it. I’ll try to check it out.

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