No More Naps! – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Anyone out there know/have children who dig in their heels at the thought of interrupting their day with a nap? This book should become part of your persuasive repertoire:

Text ©️Chris Grabenstein Illustrations ©️Leo Espinosa

Notice the front end paper:

Text ©️Chris Grabenstein Illustrations ©️Leo Espinosa

the wail that continues across the title page (not shown) and on to the first spread:

Text ©️Chris Grabenstein Illustrations ©️Leo Espinosa

Annalise Devine McFleece did not want to take a nap.

Annalise has a set of lungs, as they say.

Text ©️Chris Grabenstein Illustrations ©️Leo Espinosa

She would fuss.

She would fume.

She would scream.

She would SHRIEK

But she would not ever—no NEVER—

take a nap.

(Do you know anyone like that?)

Oh that face! And the perfect type size and font for that SHRIEK!

We’ve been there. The child you’re reading to has been there, and they can appreciate and empathize completely.

And the breaking of the fourth wall with the question to the reader will surely bring a smile.

Annalise Devin McFleece’s father does what every desperate parent in the world has tried: he straps her in the stroller and heads our for a spin in the park. Does Annalise fall asleep to the rumble of wheels and the fresh air? Of course not.

Instead, she and her father meet people in the park who want to take her nap, since it’s clear she doesn’t want it. One by one, people drop off to sleep in the midst of whatever they were doing. In some cases, they sleepwalk through their tasks. Everyone is falling asleep—

except Annalise. Her father even falls sleep while pushing the stroller. Everyone is snoozling. (LOVE that word!)

And Annalise? Well, those eyes are finally at half mast. She stretches and yawns, now that she has nothing to do and

No one to play with.

No one to fuss, fume, scream, or shriek at.

She is getting very very v-e-r-y sleepy. I love the close-up perspective that the illustrator chose for this spread. The reader is right there with Annalise as her eyelids grow heavy.

Text ©️Chris Grabenstein Illustrations ©️Leo Espinosa

But does she fall asleep? Well, you’ll have to get a copy of the book to find out.

I’m thinking we may be seeing more of Annalise Devin McFleece sometime down the road. Kids will love poring over the details in illustrations that add a whole level of absurdity to this tale of one cranky toddler. The end papers as an extension of the book, and the use of the extended wail that bleeds from page to page are inspired artistic elements that add to the reading experience.


Pair this book with Little Night by Yuyi Morales

Make a spyglass, and find people from different occupations, animals or objects  (traffic cone, jackhammer, cake, squirrel, butterfly, hats, newspaper, pigeon, dog, ice cream cone, balloon, baseball mitt, fish, etc.) depicted in the book.

Make a sleepy origami cat 

Title: No More Naps!

Author: Chris Grabenstein

Illustrator: Leo Espinosa

Publisher: Random House, 2020

Ages: 2-6

Themes: Nap time, tantrums

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17 thoughts on “No More Naps! – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

  1. Patricia Tilton says:

    What an adorable book. And, yes my daughter hated naps. And I hated naps — in fact back in the 50s we didn’t have air conditioning, so windows were opened. So when I went into my bedroom for my nap, I climbed pushed up my screen and climbed out my bedroom and went to play with a neighbor kid. Got caught! Today my parents would be charged with child endangerment charges. Kids are kids. Sounds like a wonderful book and I love the illustrations.

  2. Maria Marshall says:

    Oh the face on the cover! This is a stage I definitely don’t miss. I always found the best place to nap was on my grandpa’s tummy. Until he snored & I got the giggles. Thanks Jilanne for highlighting this one. I’ve added it to my TBR toppling pile.

  3. Barbara Gruener says:

    OH those precious pictures are priceless! This one gives me pause as I remember back to the day when I’d count on the kids napping so that I could nap and I never could get them to sleep in sync. Thanks for scouting this one out.

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      So true. I only have one child, so the sleeping in sync issue never arose in our household. But many friends and relatives have had this problem. When my son was an infant, I was usually sleep-deprived because he didn’t sleep through the night for the first ten months, so I needed any nap I could get. When the switch suddenly flipped, it was dream! I hope you find the book!

  4. Kath Carroll says:

    I would definitely have taken Annalise’s nap when my two always-wide-awake kids were little, and I would take it now – if only there was time… I love that twist in the story.

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