The White Witch vs. Jacob Marley’s Ghost – Debatables

I’m sure you have an opinion. What is the most ominous wintry scene in children’s literature? CricketMuse argues that Edmund’s encounter with the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia takes the prize, 

—while I argue that Jacob Marley’s visitation of Scrooge has put the fear of miserliness into children for over 170 years. What say you?

These debates happen monthly on CricketMuse’s blog, and this month I’m standing in for my friend and fabulous author, Mike Allegra. He was awarded a Ragdale Fellowship, and is busy scribbling away on a new novel in the wintry suburbs of Chicago. He will return to debate Cricket on a new topic next month.

In the meantime,

please go vote for my argument!!

I’ll pay you all in chocolate. Promise! Just don’t tell Cricket….

Or, if you must, nominate your own ominous wintry scene over at Cricket’s blog


21 thoughts on “The White Witch vs. Jacob Marley’s Ghost – Debatables

  1. FictionFan says:

    You know I love chocolate, and Dickens! So you’ll also know it breaks my heart to admit that I think CricketMuse wins… it’s the snow and ice, you see and the fact that it’s always winter but never Christmas… *shudders* Even Marley’s not that mean!

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Oh, say it isn’t so! A traitor in our midst! Cricket has pulled the snowy wool over your eyes! You won’t find Marley sunning himself at the beach! No! He’s doomed to wander aimlessly through snowy cold, dark nights for all eternity! And you can bet that Christmas never comes for him. Sure you don’t want to change your vote? Whatever chocolate Cricket has promised you, I can do better.

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