Friends Stick Together – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Friends Stick Together is surprising, a brilliant pairing, and very funny.

Before the story starts, we’re clued into the personalities of the two main characters right on the title page:

A studious rhino. And a cheeky tickbird.

Publisher’s description:  Rupert is a rhinoceros of refined sensibilities. Levi, the new tickbird in class, is not. He burps the alphabet, tells corny jokes, and does really embarrassing air guitar solos. Worse, he lands right on Rupert and is determined to be Rupert’s symbiotic best pal! Rupert wants him gone. But when Levi finally does bug off, Rupert finds the peace and quiet a little boring. It turns out, Rupert could really use a friend like Levi.



14 thoughts on “Friends Stick Together – Perfect Picture Book Friday

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      I am at sea with respect to your comment. Grit and eggshells have a symbiotic relationship? Grit and friendship? Eggs and grit and immigration? Did you have grit in your breakfast scramble this morning? Talk to me….

      • m lewis redford says:

        your invitation to comment is bannered: “Please feed the chickens…”, so I started it off with the ‘grit’ reference, but also, cunningly, referring to the fact that symbiosis needs some sort of contrast to recognise before the ‘sym’ can take place, let alone the ‘osis’, even if the ‘bi’ is just ‘self’ and ‘not-self’ … you can come back into harbour now …

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Two very different personalities find that they can enjoy each other’s company and be friends. An idea that helps promote goodwill and appreciation for those who are different from us, don’t you think?

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