Where Are the Words – Perfect Picture Book Friday

As a fan of writing, including punctuation and puns, I got the biggest kick out of: When we first encounter our hero, Period, that little piece of punctuation is inspired: Period asks Paper and Pencil for a little help, but then realizes: Enter Question Mark, who decides to—what do you think Question Mark does? I'll … Continue reading Where Are the Words – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Virginia Woolf: Words Fail Me

Leave it to the BBC to store bits of Virginia Woolf's psyche for us mere mortals to sift through on a whim. The broadcast of Woolf's essay, "Craftsmanship," was first heard on April 20, 1937. Five years later, it was published in a book called "The Death of the Moth, and other essays," the year … Continue reading Virginia Woolf: Words Fail Me