American Desi – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Let's take a trip with this exuberant girl as she crosses back and forth over the great divide of her two cultures, and figures out just who she is: not one or the other, but a product of both. Text ©Jyoti Rajan Gopal. Illustration ©Supriya Kelkar Festive henna, garnet redBindis, bangles, desi queenFantasy hair,seafoam green...Which … Continue reading American Desi – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Daisy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time for a book with a gentle, classic feeling, one that tugs at the heart strings, and leaves the reader hope-filled and ready to turn back to the beginning for another read. Daisy was named after her mama's favorite flower. "They seem plain, but when you look closer you see their beauty," her mama would … Continue reading Daisy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Sweety – Perfect Picture Book Friday

In 2013, Andrea Zuill made a big splash in our region by winning the "Best Portfolio" award at the SCBWI Golden Gate Conference. The honor was well-deserved. In Sweety, every line of Andrea's work is so expressive, I found myself laughing and crying over a naked mole rat who wears clothes. In other words, Sweety … Continue reading Sweety – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Half a Chance – Middle Grade Book Review

I've read three middle grade novels by Cynthia Lord over the past few weeks. She has a very distinctive, gentle style. One that features the concerns of Tweens, no matter how small, and makes them seem extraordinarily important. Of the three I read, HALF A CHANCE will stay with me the longest. Synopsis of Half … Continue reading Half a Chance – Middle Grade Book Review