A Story Is to Share – Perfect Picture Book Friday

What can I say about a book that is so lyrical, so beautifully (and classically) illustrated, and holds up to read after read after read that there is nothing left to say? Well, I do have more to say: This is a story about Ruth Krauss, a child who always finds a way to be … Continue reading A Story Is to Share – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Daisy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time for a book with a gentle, classic feeling, one that tugs at the heart strings, and leaves the reader hope-filled and ready to turn back to the beginning for another read. Daisy was named after her mama's favorite flower. "They seem plain, but when you look closer you see their beauty," her mama would … Continue reading Daisy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Avocado Asks – Perfect Picture Book Friday

We all know that the unexamined life is not worth living (according to Socrates), but Momoko Abe takes this one step further, extending examination to the lives of produce—with humorous results. Text/illustration ©️Momoko Abe Avocado was feeling just fine in the fruit and vegetable aisle of the supermarket.Life was pretty simple. No doubts.No questions. No … Continue reading Avocado Asks – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Mel Fell – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Yes, that's the correct orientation of this book. It opens on the edge under the bir'd's beak. A stroke of genius, as you'll see when you start to read the story. Mel is the brave one in the nest, and makes the big decision to skedaddle the minute Mama takes off. Text/Illustration ©️Corey R. Tabor … Continue reading Mel Fell – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Zippy, the Bunny? – #SpringFlingKidlit

Just in time writing! Here's my entry for this year's Spring Fling!! Cheers! Spring Fling Rules 1. Story targets kids ages 12 or under. 2. Inspired by a child-appropriate gif, that is the only visual for the story. 3. 150 or fewer words, not including the title. 4. No illustration notes. 5. Post stories from … Continue reading Zippy, the Bunny? – #SpringFlingKidlit

A Normal Pig – Perfect Picture Book Friday

You've heard it on the playground, in the classroom, on playdates, in the lunchroom: "You're so weird." The statements that poke fun at another kid who has the nerve to do or be something different. Enter Pip, A NORMAL PIG. Despite the assertion that we'll be reading a book about a "normal" pig,  we can … Continue reading A Normal Pig – Perfect Picture Book Friday