Finding Words in Unusual Places

For years, I've admired the work of Maya Lin, the woman who designed the Vietnam Memorial. So much so that I bought a book called Boundaries filled with examples of her work, including "Reading A Garden:" In her proposal for "Reading a Garden" for the Cleveland Public Library, Lin collaborates with her brother, Tan Lin, … Continue reading Finding Words in Unusual Places

The Art of Cohabitation — Do Opposite Muses Attract?

Years ago when we first moved to San Francisco, I found a painting by Lance Morrison at a local gallery. "Jilanne," it said. "Take me home and I will be your writer's muse." The hummingbird, flapping its ethereal wings faster than the eye can see, looking solitary, magical, and somewhat spiritual, whispered its way to … Continue reading The Art of Cohabitation — Do Opposite Muses Attract?

Visiting the Heartland

OK, folks. Thousands of you have requested photos of the BUTTER COW from the Illinois State Fair. As a follow-up to Clint Eastwood's performance at the Republican National Convention, we really can't get any more exciting. So you'll have to wait a little longer for the stories about Costa Rica. Here's the cow we saw … Continue reading Visiting the Heartland

Wadder or Folder?

I have this friend with a shimmering mind. She’s an extremely brainy woman (moonlights at Google and teaches computer science at a San Francisco Bay Area college) who’s married to an extremely brainy man (also a Googlonian), and together they’ve produced a sweet 2 yr-old girl who's already been hired by Google to design and … Continue reading Wadder or Folder?