Citizens Creek – Lalita Tademy

Time to place the spotlight on adult historical fiction. This past Saturday evening, a friend and I hosted our school's literary dinner with guest author, Lalita Tademy. Neither I nor my co-host had read any of Lalita's books before inviting her to read and talk about her work. What we did know, we had gleaned from … Continue reading Citizens Creek – Lalita Tademy

Want to Improve Your Writing?

After getting my MFA in Creative Writing for adults, I thought I knew how to write. Turns out, I didn't know how to write stories with pictures. But for the past two years, I've been trying. Correction, the first year I flailed about in the dark. The second year, I bought a flashlight to shine … Continue reading Want to Improve Your Writing?

Reality Check

An article in today’s Sunday NYT (April 1, 2012) highlights very young writers who are publishing their work through a variety of self-publishing imprints (what used to be known as vanity presses), thanks to their benefactors—their parents. Parents insist that having a published book in hand raises their children’s self-esteem and tangibly recognizes their achievement. … Continue reading Reality Check

Saturday Night Confession

How difficult it is to let a piece of writing go. With my nonfiction work, I’m usually under deadline, so I’m forced to send a piece off or lose a client. Fiction is another story. Jhumpa Lahiri’s essay (My Life’s Sentences) in the Sunday New York Times last week struck many chords with me. But … Continue reading Saturday Night Confession