This is What Procrastination Looks Like

A post from Selay J. Tay-Song on Dogpatch Writers Collective hit a little close to our new home. In fact, my new spice rack—constructed over the span of a weekend by my husband solely because our new kitchen had no space to put all my spices—looks suspiciously like procrastination. Or the containered and labeled linen … Continue reading This is What Procrastination Looks Like

Dusting Bookshelves – A Poll

So I was primed for a long workday, but I happened to glance at my bookshelves---and realized I haven't dusted them since the Cubs won the World Series. It never pays to ID household shortcomings, because it is now noon. My bookshelves are dust-free, the carpets swept, and the HEPA air purifier filters changed. I … Continue reading Dusting Bookshelves – A Poll