Cougar Crossing – Perfect Picture Book Friday

P-22 is his name. (For real.)P is for puma. (Also called mountain lion or cougar.)22 for ID number. (More on that later.) Text ©️Meeg Pincus Illustration ©️Alexander Vidal He paces. Muscles flex. Tail twitches. Famous letters loom above him in the night.... Doesn't that narrative voice sound a bit like the voiceover in a Hollywood … Continue reading Cougar Crossing – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Valentine – 100 Word Challenge

Response to Julia's: There it is, lying just beneath the surface. Your desire for life, your longing for love, your trust that it will come. Water like liquid glass, hiding nothing. The occasional perturbation lasting no more than a moment. Then gone. The assumption so clear, unquestioned, certain. But it is not. Valentine fool, lured … Continue reading Valentine – 100 Word Challenge