The Pig War – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Yes, it's hard to believe that we nearly went to war over a pig, but it's TRUE! And this book turns the incident into a funny, but cautionary tale that isn't stridently moralistic. And you have to love that pig blimp leaping over the harbor on the cover! The author, Emma Bland Smith, first provides … Continue reading The Pig War – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Fleecetown’s Turnaround – Holiday Contest Story

Well, well, well. Somehow we've made it to the end of yet another year. And once again we have Susanna Hill's 7th Annual Holiday Contest. RULES: 250 words or fewer, written for children ages 12 and under, and must contain a holiday surprise of some kind. Mine is 248 words. Here goes.....   Fleecetown’s Turnaround … Continue reading Fleecetown’s Turnaround – Holiday Contest Story