Geraldine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I've been falling for giraffes lately. And Geraldine is no exception. From the jacket flap: "No, no, NO! Geraldine is not moving. Not to this new town where she's the only giraffe. Not to this new school where she has no friends. Not to this new place where everyone only knows her as That Giraffe … Continue reading Geraldine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

This is What Procrastination Looks Like

A post from Selay J. Tay-Song on Dogpatch Writers Collective hit a little close to our new home. In fact, my new spice rack—constructed over the span of a weekend by my husband solely because our new kitchen had no space to put all my spices—looks suspiciously like procrastination. Or the containered and labeled linen … Continue reading This is What Procrastination Looks Like