Everybody’s Favorite Book – Perfect Picture Book Friday

And now it's time for— I know what you're thinking: that's a pretty tall order, isn't it? Everybody's Favorite Book! Just how does one achieve this level of perfection? By giving the customer everything they want, in succession, of course! And in sometimes over-the-top silliness that is sure to leave those tykes rolling on the … Continue reading Everybody’s Favorite Book – Perfect Picture Book Friday

The Salamander-ish Sully Competition

Despite the fact that "salamander" reminds me of slander, and that the definition of "sully" falls in line with slander, I am entering the Sully Competition because I—well, who can resist entering a competition where one of the prizes is an official Sully certificate from the fabulous Mike Allegra, children's book author, playwright, freelance writer … Continue reading The Salamander-ish Sully Competition

Celebrate Dueling Doodlers!

  My 10-yr-old son, the cat lover vs. Mike Allegra (HeyLookAWriterFellow), the rodent lover   Mike posted the "naughty kitten" doodle he drew (reluctantly) for my son, and in return, Mike received a tribute to furry creatures with front teeth that never stop growing.   My iPhone photo of a copy of the original turned the … Continue reading Celebrate Dueling Doodlers!