Ada and the Galaxies – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Welcome to Fall! And a new batch of book reviews, starting with this engaging interaction between grandparents and grandchild: Ada loves the stars, but she lives in the city, where the night sky is ALWAYS washed out by light, so it's a treat when she finally gets to visit her grandparents, Ama and Poobah, on … Continue reading Ada and the Galaxies – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Summer Hiatus Photos

Taking a break for July. Will return refreshed and full of vim, vigor, and vitality in mid-August! Ready to talk about all kinds of new releases and maybe a few from the past as well. While you're waiting, here are a handful of random photos from a few of my favorite places. My apologies for … Continue reading Summer Hiatus Photos

Home(s)ward Bound

Our family is heading to Boston this weekend on our first leg up to the island in Maine, where we'll celebrate my father-in-law's life and legacy. Apropos of Peter's sense of humor, various family members have suggested that we give Peter a Viking funeral using his 18-ft. Interlake sailboat that we capsized last year in … Continue reading Home(s)ward Bound