Magic: Once Upon a Faraway Land – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Mirelle Ortega, one of our featured authors at Kidquake this year, is also an illustrator whose debut picture book mirrors its title. It's magic! Let me tell you about the place I'm from, a faraway land brimming with magia. Powerful magic that twists and turns and touches everything around you. Text/Illustration ©Mirelle Ortega With those … Continue reading Magic: Once Upon a Faraway Land – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Cloud Runner – Video

I attended a screening of local films, called "The Best of Bernal," a few nights ago. A documentary directed by San Francisco's public defender, Jeff Adachi, highlighted racial bias in law enforcement. He hopes to show it widely to raise awareness of just how insidious and damaging racial profiling is. Another film juxtaposed U.S. government … Continue reading Cloud Runner – Video

Serendipity Strikes (AKR Moment)

Have you ever had an Amy Krouse Rosenthal (AKR) moment? Yesterday, I casually bought Terry Tempest Williams' book, "When Women Were Birds: Fifty-Four Variations on Voice." I read the title and decided to buy it. I didn't look inside. It just seemed like something I needed to read. When I opened it this morning, I … Continue reading Serendipity Strikes (AKR Moment)