Dreaming Big at DreamForce

This week, San Francisco's population increased by about 15% with estimates running into the 130,000+ range. And they're all buzzing around with bright blue conference badges circling their necks. Dreamers here to dream---at DreamForce. But a portion of those folks are not just your everyday profit-based conference attendees.They're "Dreamers" who dare to dream big, representing nonprofits … Continue reading Dreaming Big at DreamForce

Carp Fishing and Poetry–Who Knew?

Thank you, Samir of Cecile's Writers, for presenting me with a Liebster Award!  You're one of my favorite bloggers who expands my thinking horizons, and I appreciate it immensely! For readers who always eat their desserts first, page down for the carp fishing video. As part of the award, Samir asked me to answer 11 … Continue reading Carp Fishing and Poetry–Who Knew?