Locomotive – Perfect Picture Book Friday – Redux

I just pulled Locomotive by Brian Floca off the "new" shelf at our local library. The minute I saw the endpapers, I knew I had to check it out!   But it's not really "new." Joanna Marple of Miss Marple's Musings gave this book an outstanding review back in November of 2013. And yes, it's a Caldecott … Continue reading Locomotive – Perfect Picture Book Friday – Redux

Alien Invasion – A Graphic Novel

An alien spacecraft appears, sucking up space garbage for fuel. Oh, noooo! Young Zokx's spacecraft gets pulled into a nebula-- that sends him hurtling toward an unknown planet. Zokx's arrival makes breaking news. He abandons his spacecraft before it crashes. Distraught at the loss of his spacecraft and unaware of the dangers of high-tech 4x4s, … Continue reading Alien Invasion – A Graphic Novel

Humor and Tragedy for SCBWI

Well, folks, the SCBWI's spring conference at Asilomar was inspiring, despite the food provided by ARAMARK. The glutinous pad thai noodles, grey prime rib, and screams for life-rings from the nicoise salad ingredients as they bobbed above the pool of nondescript salad dressing---all this failed to throttle the enthusiasm of the children’s book writers and … Continue reading Humor and Tragedy for SCBWI