A Day for Rememberin’ – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I did not know the origin of Memorial Day, and now that gap in my knowledge is filled by this beautiful book. This quote from an article published on History.com underscores the significance of the event. “It’s the fact that this occurred in Charleston at a cemetery site for the Union dead in a city … Continue reading A Day for Rememberin’ – Perfect Picture Book Friday


I've just spent some time reliving the first ten years of my childhood with the help of Deborah Wiles and the first two books of her stellar (and I mean STELLAR) 1960s trilogy. Although they feature middle grade age protagonists, I'd also say that these books would be instructive and interesting for high school and … Continue reading Countdown

Citizens Creek – Lalita Tademy

Time to place the spotlight on adult historical fiction. This past Saturday evening, a friend and I hosted our school's literary dinner with guest author, Lalita Tademy. Neither I nor my co-host had read any of Lalita's books before inviting her to read and talk about her work. What we did know, we had gleaned from … Continue reading Citizens Creek – Lalita Tademy