Summer Life Saving

I hadn't planned on going to my niece's wedding. She was getting married in Orlando last week and had planned a large party/reception for friends and family in Illinois in early July. In honor of her grandparents (my parents) who had been married 65 years, she had decided to get married on their wedding anniversary, … Continue reading Summer Life Saving

Mama Seeton’s Whistle – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Hello everyone! Back for Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book Extravaganza. My entry is the hot-off-the-press: Mama Seeton's Whistle by Jerry Spinelli (yes, THAT Jerry Spinelli). It has an old-fashioned look because it's an old-fashioned memory. And it's based on Spinelli's next door neighbor that he knew as a child. I dare say there won't … Continue reading Mama Seeton’s Whistle – Perfect Picture Book Friday