Zippy, the Bunny? – #SpringFlingKidlit

Just in time writing! Here's my entry for this year's Spring Fling!! Cheers! Spring Fling Rules 1. Story targets kids ages 12 or under. 2. Inspired by a child-appropriate gif, that is the only visual for the story. 3. 150 or fewer words, not including the title. 4. No illustration notes. 5. Post stories from … Continue reading Zippy, the Bunny? – #SpringFlingKidlit

Ogilvy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

You've heard the old adage "the clothes don't make the bunny," right? Well, it takes some time for Ogilvy and Ogilvy's new friends to figure this out. When Ogilvy arrives in a new town, the bunny is excited to see so many other bunnies having fun in the park. They're drawing, playing ball, knitting, and … Continue reading Ogilvy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Half a Chance – Middle Grade Book Review

I've read three middle grade novels by Cynthia Lord over the past few weeks. She has a very distinctive, gentle style. One that features the concerns of Tweens, no matter how small, and makes them seem extraordinarily important. Of the three I read, HALF A CHANCE will stay with me the longest. Synopsis of Half … Continue reading Half a Chance – Middle Grade Book Review

Geraldine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I've been falling for giraffes lately. And Geraldine is no exception. From the jacket flap: "No, no, NO! Geraldine is not moving. Not to this new town where she's the only giraffe. Not to this new school where she has no friends. Not to this new place where everyone only knows her as That Giraffe … Continue reading Geraldine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

The Little Moon Raven – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I was at the San Francisco Main Library yesterday, wandering through the stacks of picture books. I could live there and never read them all, I'm sure. I love how the librarians pull out books for display and always find something special. Such is the case with The Little Moon Raven by Marcus Pfister. From … Continue reading The Little Moon Raven – Perfect Picture Book Friday