Can Fiction Writing Be Taught?

Writing is like sailing. You go where the wind takes you, but it can be lifesaving to have a chart and a few other tools for navigation.  Oh, and it never hurts to have a Painkiller at the ready.

Washing Denis Johnson’s Feet

Tonight, I worship at the altar of Denis Johnson. Yes, I had read his short story, "Work," in The New Yorker a long time ago. I tepidly recalled that I had enjoyed it. But how could I have forgotten one of its most exquisite sentences? "Where are my women now, with their sweet wet words and ways, … Continue reading Washing Denis Johnson’s Feet

Saturday Night Confession

How difficult it is to let a piece of writing go. With my nonfiction work, I’m usually under deadline, so I’m forced to send a piece off or lose a client. Fiction is another story. Jhumpa Lahiri’s essay (My Life’s Sentences) in the Sunday New York Times last week struck many chords with me. But … Continue reading Saturday Night Confession