Poetry and Death

So I spent last night in the presence of death and two exes: exhilaration and exhaustion. And with a marvelous improvisational violinist, Shira Kammen, whose ephemeral music was fitting for the occasion. There were others there with me, an auditorium filled with people, to discuss the "usefulness" of poetry as a way of transforming end-of-life … Continue reading Poetry and Death

A Writer Becomes An Orphan

On November 27, 2012 at 2:25pm, the man who called me "Bugsy" took his last gasp. I can't really call it a breath. Image courtesy of FREEBigPictures.com It wasn't extraordinary, but the manner in which the air left his body was. Maybe someone would say that the sound had the "air of finality." Or maybe … Continue reading A Writer Becomes An Orphan

Self Portrait Without Artifacts

Someone is warming her jewelry: the jade pendant from China, the Southern Cross circumscribed by an African continent dangling on a slender gold necklace I gave her when I returned so many years ago. And her wedding ring set with her own and Aunt Tet’s diamonds, plus the 3-point diamond chips for every five of … Continue reading Self Portrait Without Artifacts