Uncle Andy’s – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I confess, I fell in love with an "ancient" picture book from 2003. And for good reason: it's dry, understated humor. And its fah-bu-lous illustrations. I'll tell you right up front. Andy Warhol's brother was a junk man. Such fertile ground for creativity! "Looking back on those days, the one thing I remember most is … Continue reading Uncle Andy’s – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Lucy and the String – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I love the magic that can happen when picture books are written by author/illustrators. Lucy and the String is one of those magical books. At first I felt like I was being—ah—strung along.   What do you think is at the end of that string? Take a moment to observe Lucy's face in that moment … Continue reading Lucy and the String – Perfect Picture Book Friday


When HeyLookAWriterFellow (Mike Allegra) sent my son a "Celebrate" stamp (see post "Celebrate Cats!"), he didn't know what he was getting himself into---or maybe he did.  My son thanked Mike for the stamp by creating a new stamp, "Celebrate Falling!" and a comic book (see post "Alien Invasion - A Graphic Novel" and sending them as … Continue reading Celebrate—Illustrators!!

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to 4amWriter, otherwise known as Limebird Kate, for sending the One Lovely Blog Award my way. Clearly, she has never seen my office, brushed aside the cobwebs, or moved the piles of mail and newspapers off my dining room table so that food can be eaten. When I think of "lovely," I think of … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award