Goblin’s New Blood – Halloweensie Competition

And now, another entry into Susanna Leonard Hill's Halloweensie story competition. The Rules: must be 100 words or fewer; must contain any form of the words monster, candy corn, and shadow; and must be appropriate for kids through age 12. So here goes! Oh, and I used only 88 words if we're counting candy corn … Continue reading Goblin’s New Blood – Halloweensie Competition

Cupid’s Heart Finds a Home

Thought I'd come back to life for a moment and enter Susanna Leonard Hill's Valentiny story competition. Rules: 1) story must contain a character who is confused, 2) be no more than 214 words, and 3) be written for kids to enjoy. Well, maybe I'm entertaining and distracting myself, too, in these troubling times. So … Continue reading Cupid’s Heart Finds a Home

Martian Haiku – Ground Control to Major Tom

Postmodern Donkey tipped me off to a haiku competition called Going to Mars with MAVEN, sponsored by the University of Colorado-Boulder. The word "maven" means "accumulator of knowledge" in Yiddish, but it stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission. The Website explains: MAVEN will explore the planet’s upper atmosphere, ionosphere and interactions with the sun and solar wind. … Continue reading Martian Haiku – Ground Control to Major Tom

The Writer’s Demon

In response to Julia's 100 Word Challenge: As the line was crossed and t’s were dotted, the s’s felt incomplete. Not unusual for s’s, a  motley group of tail-enders often bringing up the rear, like late arrivals to a party long since ended. Like the football team that can’t claim title to their effort, only … Continue reading The Writer’s Demon