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Listen to Your Mother – video release!!!

14 Jul

So while I’m frantically revising picture book manuscripts to take to Highlights Summer Camp


Fake picture of me….



The Real Me

 Listen To Your Mother released the 2016 videos from shows in 41 cities. As promised, here’s my piece in the San Francisco Show! It was a privilege and an honor to be on stage with such amazing women. Cheers!

Brain Tricks – Neuroscience, Poetry and Sheep

23 Apr

I’m fighting an ongoing battle to read A Prayer Like Gravity’s poem, Morning Haiku-ishcorrectly:

light dances on fields

of belligerent sleep, chasing

crows and hard scarecrows

No matter how many times I read the poem, I see the word “sheep” instead of “sleep,” especially if I’m reading it quickly. At least two others made similar comments about the poem on Gravity’s blog.

So why are we misreading it? Continue reading

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