Don’t Eat Bees – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Meet Chip, a dog who knows how to establish credibility immediately, or lose his audience. He claims he's smart and experienced. He knows important dog things. And he's not impressed with where cats, like Mittens, do their business. Text ©Dev Petty Illustration ©Mike Boldt Using a fine example of the distributive property, Chip shows off … Continue reading Don’t Eat Bees – Perfect Picture Book Friday

SumoKitty – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Oh, it's good to be back, albeit a bit under the weather. But nasty cold aside, I'd like to share a recent library find. How could I resist those eyes? That topknot? Are you looking for something "fresh?" A book about cats, sumo wrestling, and never giving up just might qualify. Seriously. Let's start with … Continue reading SumoKitty – Perfect Picture Book Friday #PPBF

Illustrator Influence

My 11-yr-old son has discovered Russ Cox, a wonderful illustrator. You can see his work at Smiling Otis Studio.  [Yes, Mike Allegra (HeyLookAWriterFellow), Otis was one of Russ's cats. They're everywhere! And BTW, a mouse snuck into our pantry and tore into the brown sugar, dried beans, and pancake mix. I'm thinking we've got a diabetic … Continue reading Illustrator Influence

Celebrate Dueling Doodlers!

  My 10-yr-old son, the cat lover vs. Mike Allegra (HeyLookAWriterFellow), the rodent lover   Mike posted the "naughty kitten" doodle he drew (reluctantly) for my son, and in return, Mike received a tribute to furry creatures with front teeth that never stop growing.   My iPhone photo of a copy of the original turned the … Continue reading Celebrate Dueling Doodlers!


A hard-learned lesson: One can never show enough appreciation for the thoughtfulness of others. An easy lesson: It feels good to be appreciated. So when What's it All About and Other Stories nominated me for a "Tell Me About Yourself" Award, it was easy to feel the love. Thank you! for thinking enough of my blog and … Continue reading Appreciation