The Book of Chocolate by H.P. Newquist

Are you drooling yet? Go ahead, wipe your chin. I'll wait. Just in time for Halloween! A treatise on that treat of treats!!! To research this book about chocolate, Newquist suffered through chocolate tasting after tasting, from "Venice to Vietnam." I'm sure it was a horrible slog. Who isn't interested in chocolate? But, arguably, a … Continue reading The Book of Chocolate by H.P. Newquist

Pura Vida!

  The de facto greeting from any Tico in Costa Rica: Pura Vida! And like this greeting that springs from the supersaturated jungle foliage, howler-monkey raucous, poison-dart frog chirping, and coffee-cacao-banana-coconut-beans 'n' rice country, Ticos are full of life, generous, and likely candidates for people you'd most want to hang with on a deserted island. … Continue reading Pura Vida!