Carving and Writing, A Match Made By Esterly

I don’t know why I picked up this memoir, The Lost Carving, at my local bookstore (Christopher’s Books). Maybe I was attracted by the blonde wood shavings juxtaposed against the dark chocolate cover, or maybe it was the subtitle, A Journey to the Heart of Making, that seemed so promising. I do know that when … Continue reading Carving and Writing, A Match Made By Esterly

Treasure Island!!!

Warning: seafaring metaphors abound in this book review! Looking for a summer read? Go no further than Treasure Island!!! No, not the one by RLS,   although it drives the narrative. The series of exclamation points in this new title were put there by its author, Sara Levine.   In the first paragraph, the unreliable … Continue reading Treasure Island!!!

Ambivalence Hurts, or Is It Love?

And so it came to pass that I fell into the ambivalent well. Trouble is, I can’t tell if I’m drowning or being reborn. Why did I wander past a bookshelf and feel the need to caress this little book, On Ambivalence, by Kenneth Weisbrode. Was it the black satin cover, the photo of an … Continue reading Ambivalence Hurts, or Is It Love?