Lucky Boy – Shanthi Sekaran

In a nation overtaken by arguments about immigration and the building of walls, Shanthi Sekaran's new novel underscores the complexity of the situation. But immigration issues are more than a decorative backdrop in Sekaran's novel. They provide the disturbing context for its premise: two women fighting for the right to raise one child, one of … Continue reading Lucky Boy – Shanthi Sekaran

What Lies Between Us – Nayomi Munaweera

This past Saturday, a friend and I hosted a women's literary dinner at my home. The guests of honor were Nayomi Munaweera and her devastating new novel, What Lies Between Us. First, a little background. Fifteen years ago, Nayomi was earning a PhD in English Literature when she realized she wanted to write fiction instead … Continue reading What Lies Between Us – Nayomi Munaweera

I Need My Own Country! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time for Susanna Leonard Hill's PPBF! But first, let's form a new political party, one run by children's picture book writers and illustrators. It will be the nicest, most generous political party ever. There will be sharing of snacks and toys and saying please and thank you. No hitting, biting, bullying, or other anti-social behavior. … Continue reading I Need My Own Country! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

A Crankenstein Valentine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

It's time for Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book Friday! Ever get cranky on days that everyone else likes to celebrate? Looking for someone who's simpatico with your outlook? Well, A Crankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger (illustrated by the fabulous Dan Santat), may be right up your alley. (Yes, I know we're nowhere near Valentine's … Continue reading A Crankenstein Valentine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Shoe Dog – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time once again to add to Susanna Leonard Hill's growing list of recommended picture books.  As I passed the "new" shelf in our library, the cover illustration of Shoe Dog caught my eye. Katherine Tillotson, magically transforms a handful of brown scribbles into a sniffing, chewing, boisterous puppy. And when I opened it up for … Continue reading Shoe Dog – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Worst of Friends – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I combed through Susanna Leonard Hill's nonfiction picture books and couldn't believe "Worst of Friends"  hadn't been reviewed! So here goes... "Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the best of friends, even though they were completely different." They shared similar ideas about how the thirteen colonies should become a nation—until they stopped seeing eye to … Continue reading Worst of Friends – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Science Ink – A Book “Review” in Tattoos

No matter what they say, how long and loudly they insist that they're just like you and me, don't believe them. Scientists are truly different. Case in point: the images they choose to adorn their bodies. In some instances, "festoon" may be the more appropriate word. I'm talking about the book, Science Ink: Tattoos of … Continue reading Science Ink – A Book “Review” in Tattoos

The Demonologist – a Book Review

After reading Nick Owchar's review of The Demonologist at Call of the Siren, I ran up the hill to my local bookstore, Christopher's Books in Potrero Hill, and bought a copy. Being a lit snob, I'm usually not one for a "genre" novel, but this one is built on the foundation of Milton's Paradise Lost. … Continue reading The Demonologist – a Book Review

Carving and Writing, A Match Made By Esterly

I don’t know why I picked up this memoir, The Lost Carving, at my local bookstore (Christopher’s Books). Maybe I was attracted by the blonde wood shavings juxtaposed against the dark chocolate cover, or maybe it was the subtitle, A Journey to the Heart of Making, that seemed so promising. I do know that when … Continue reading Carving and Writing, A Match Made By Esterly

Treasure Island!!!

Warning: seafaring metaphors abound in this book review! Looking for a summer read? Go no further than Treasure Island!!! No, not the one by RLS,   although it drives the narrative. The series of exclamation points in this new title were put there by its author, Sara Levine.   In the first paragraph, the unreliable … Continue reading Treasure Island!!!