The Streak – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Having recently reviewed Barb Rosenstock's fabulous bio of Yogi Berra, I thought I'd reviewed Barb Rosenstock's THE STREAK: How Joe Dimaggio Became America's Hero....but it turns out I hadn't—until now. Baseball fans are familiar with how superstitious ball players can be. They wear their favorite socks, carry a luck talisman, or perform a key ritual … Continue reading The Streak – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Yogi – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Spring training is in full swing and Barb Rosenstock's new book for baseball lovers (especially Yankee Fans) has hit the field. What were two of the things Yogi Berra was famous for? Here's a clue: The opening lines provide the themes for the story. Lawdie Berra (Yogi's given name) loved his family, his Italian neighborhood, … Continue reading Yogi – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Home(s)ward Bound

Our family is heading to Boston this weekend on our first leg up to the island in Maine, where we'll celebrate my father-in-law's life and legacy. Apropos of Peter's sense of humor, various family members have suggested that we give Peter a Viking funeral using his 18-ft. Interlake sailboat that we capsized last year in … Continue reading Home(s)ward Bound

True Story

One of my nieces dated many men on her way to the altar. She stayed close with some, and one in particular, Ted, became a long term friend. At least until he died from cancer. Ted left a twenty-something wife and a young son, Tommy, to figure out their lives without him. They all live … Continue reading True Story