My School Stinks – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Going to a new school can be trying for any child. But what if it turns out that everyone at your new school is an animal? Stuart is the hapless child who ends up in this predicament. Dear Diary,I think there's been a mistake. My desk mate STINKS, [a skunk]my locker buddy bites [a crocodile], … Continue reading My School Stinks – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Open Mic Fright

And so my eight-year-old son, the voracious reader but painfully reluctant writer, has progressed from writing about building a treehouse in Maine with his dad, to a nonfiction report on the Iguanodon with its fearsome thumb spikes, to creating a fictional story about the adventures of Frog the Kitten and Sid the Skunk. Now the … Continue reading Open Mic Fright