Return from the Abyss

Summer slips away, leaving room for Fall. The first order of the day is to talk for a moment about a friend's book of poems, Selene by Michael Odom.  I see this book as a reflection of an obsession. A woman. A sorceress. A corpse. An eternal ambivalence, love and hate. The cover uncovers, revealing the … Continue reading Return from the Abyss

Ambivalence Hurts, or Is It Love?

And so it came to pass that I fell into the ambivalent well. Trouble is, I can’t tell if I’m drowning or being reborn. Why did I wander past a bookshelf and feel the need to caress this little book, On Ambivalence, by Kenneth Weisbrode. Was it the black satin cover, the photo of an … Continue reading Ambivalence Hurts, or Is It Love?

On Ambivalence and Postmodernism

Dear “A”             response to Derrida   While constructing and deconstructing, I arrived at one last letter, a mark upon the page.  An ‘A:’  Authority.     Your job:   to say  IT  is and isn’t, confusing my suspicions.  Another ‘A:’  Arbitrator.     IT, me, and in the middle, you.   Tonight, I pin this scarlet letter upon your … Continue reading On Ambivalence and Postmodernism