Mia Moves Out – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time for a most huggable picture book! "When Mia moved in, Mom and Dad had a room ready for her. 'All yours,' they said.'" "Mia liked it, but it needed something.  'Perfect,' said Mia. 'And all mine.'" There you have it. This is a book that features an adopted child without the word "adoption" being … Continue reading Mia Moves Out – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Lucky Boy – Shanthi Sekaran

In a nation overtaken by arguments about immigration and the building of walls, Shanthi Sekaran's new novel underscores the complexity of the situation. But immigration issues are more than a decorative backdrop in Sekaran's novel. They provide the disturbing context for its premise: two women fighting for the right to raise one child, one of … Continue reading Lucky Boy – Shanthi Sekaran