The Art of Cohabitation — Do Opposite Muses Attract?

Years ago when we first moved to San Francisco, I found a painting by Lance Morrison at a local gallery. "Jilanne," it said. "Take me home and I will be your writer's muse." The hummingbird, flapping its ethereal wings faster than the eye can see, looking solitary, magical, and somewhat spiritual, whispered its way to … Continue reading The Art of Cohabitation — Do Opposite Muses Attract?

The Writer’s Demon

In response to Julia's 100 Word Challenge: As the line was crossed and t’s were dotted, the s’s felt incomplete. Not unusual for s’s, a  motley group of tail-enders often bringing up the rear, like late arrivals to a party long since ended. Like the football team that can’t claim title to their effort, only … Continue reading The Writer’s Demon

Just Say No!!

So HeyLookaWriterFellow issued a challenge. If I would post how my son feels about books written by celebrities for kids, he would create a one-of-a-kind stamp for my son. Take a look at the Boycott Celebrity Children’s Books Acronym Contest at the above URL. He's got some fantabulous entries!! Tag, Mike. You're it!

A Banner Week for Women Writers – or Not?

I just posted this on the Dogpatch Writers Collective, but I thought I'd share this on my blog, too. The women at VIDA have their work cut out for them. A Banner Week for Women Writers - or Not?.