Twists & Turns – A Writing Life

At 9:30pm last night, as I was sitting down to write my Perfect Picture Book Friday post, the movers arrived—with furniture from my husband's office. His company is going virtual, so what to do with all that stuff? Well, some was sold, some was given away to employees, and some was supposed to come to … Continue reading Twists & Turns – A Writing Life

Nicholas Kristof – Call to Action

Question: Where was the first reported child abuse case in the United States? Answer: New York, 1874. Her name was Mary Ellen Wilson. For eight of her 10 years, she had been beaten, cut, starved, subject to hard physical labor, deprived of a bed and warm clothes, and generally tortured by her foster mother. A … Continue reading Nicholas Kristof – Call to Action

USA Election – The Graphic Novel

This is the United States of America:   This was the USA during the presidential campaign: This is the USA today: This is my dream for the USA: To get there, this needs to happen: And then we've got to stop doing this: And start doing this: The END

I Need My Own Country! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time for Susanna Leonard Hill's PPBF! But first, let's form a new political party, one run by children's picture book writers and illustrators. It will be the nicest, most generous political party ever. There will be sharing of snacks and toys and saying please and thank you. No hitting, biting, bullying, or other anti-social behavior. … Continue reading I Need My Own Country! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

This is What Procrastination Looks Like

A post from Selay J. Tay-Song on Dogpatch Writers Collective hit a little close to our new home. In fact, my new spice rack—constructed over the span of a weekend by my husband solely because our new kitchen had no space to put all my spices—looks suspiciously like procrastination. Or the containered and labeled linen … Continue reading This is What Procrastination Looks Like

Spätzle (Spaetzle) 911 — aka U.S. vs Germany, World Cup

In honor of tomorrow's game, I'm reblogging a post from May 2012, a tribute to my German heritage.   When my son came out of his bedroom this morning wearing black sweatpants tucked into the tops of his yellow soccer socks and a red shirt to celebrate family heritage day at school, I knew I … Continue reading Spätzle (Spaetzle) 911 — aka U.S. vs Germany, World Cup

Curse You, Book Thief!

Robert over at 101 Books recently posted a "pet peeve" about people who borrow books and don't return them, a common complaint among book people. Book thieves tend to rank right up their with evil doers like Count Dracula, sucking the life out of your bookshelves one book at a time. Just tonight, I was … Continue reading Curse You, Book Thief!

Labor Making Devices

Well folks, it's time for another trip down bad memory lane. In other words, this is not a writing-related post unless it counts as writing therapy to exorcise persistent devils.We live in an old aircraft tire manufacturing building, otherwise known as a live/work loft in the glorious section of San Francisco called "Dogpatch."  You can … Continue reading Labor Making Devices

Vertigo – Not For the Weak of Heart

If ever in the small hours of the night, when everyone else is either snoring or rolling over, you find yourself waking, spinning into the darkness, staggering to the bathroom while smacking into walls, grabbing the bucket or watering can you've left sitting next to the tub to remind you the plants are thirsty, but … Continue reading Vertigo – Not For the Weak of Heart

Apple vs Microsoft – What is a Writer to Do??

Just an hour ago, I clicked on the "purchase" button at the online Apple store, spending $1700+ dollars on a new MacBook Air. Hence the Apple logo, the insatiably voracious version of Pac Man. Five minutes later, I panicked and canceled the order. This, after spending at least a week reading CNet reviews, Google and … Continue reading Apple vs Microsoft – What is a Writer to Do??