Happy Not-Shopping Friday!

I'll give you a hint about what I'm doing with my family instead of shopping... Hope you all are having a restful and inspiring time with family and friends! Perfect Picture Book Friday will return next week. Cheers!

Cloud Runner – Video

I attended a screening of local films, called "The Best of Bernal," a few nights ago. A documentary directed by San Francisco's public defender, Jeff Adachi, highlighted racial bias in law enforcement. He hopes to show it widely to raise awareness of just how insidious and damaging racial profiling is. Another film juxtaposed U.S. government … Continue reading Cloud Runner – Video

Listen to Your Mother – video release!!!

So while I'm frantically revising picture book manuscripts to take to Highlights Summer Camp,     Listen To Your Mother released the 2016 videos from shows in 41 cities. As promised, here's my piece in the San Francisco Show! It was a privilege and an honor to be on stage with such amazing women. Cheers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s145rabK20

Life, Love, and LTYM Show – San Francisco

When my son was three, he was fascinated by all things siren-related. One night in the Mission District of San Francisco, an ambulance was parked outside the restaurant where we were eating. No emergency, just hungry paramedics waiting for their "TO GO" order.  When we left the restaurant, my son ran to the ambulance and … Continue reading Life, Love, and LTYM Show – San Francisco

Listen to Your Mother – San Francisco

It's official! I'll be performing at the Listen to Your Mother show in San Francisco on May 6th! I had submitted a humorous essay last year but was too ill to audition for the show after the piece was selected. Not content to submit the same piece this year, I wrote a new 800-word essay … Continue reading Listen to Your Mother – San Francisco

Drivel – and Proud of It at Litquake

Fact: Everything that famous writers create is spellbinding literature. Fact: Famous writers would rather die than expose their not-so-award-winning moments. Socrates would point out that both assertions cannot be true. So a writer must be blamed for Socrates's death. Enter the fabulous writers from The Writers' Grotto in San Francisco, a collective of professional writers … Continue reading Drivel – and Proud of It at Litquake

The Uncanny, Hope, and the Short Story

As part of San Francisco's LitQuake Literary Festival, I attended a Word for Word staged reading of Dan Chaon's short story, "Stay Awake," last night at Z-Space. It was memorable for two reasons: 1) It was the first time I'd tasted Sofia, champagne in a can, a venture of the Coppola vineyard. A Blanc de Blancs, … Continue reading The Uncanny, Hope, and the Short Story

Best Valentine E-V-E-R

Apparently this video has been on YouTube for a year, but a friend just posted it on FB today. I am in love with the words of Mark Grist, the spoken word poet who delivers his ode to women who read. Don't tell my husband... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rWwXJT4LA5A

Open Mic Fright

And so my eight-year-old son, the voracious reader but painfully reluctant writer, has progressed from writing about building a treehouse in Maine with his dad, to a nonfiction report on the Iguanodon with its fearsome thumb spikes, to creating a fictional story about the adventures of Frog the Kitten and Sid the Skunk. Now the … Continue reading Open Mic Fright