The Worst Breakfast – Perfect Picture Book Friday

As promised, one more gratuitous pic of a fabulous sculpture in THE LAST BOOKSTORE: Apparently, one reader got lost in the Horror Vault and mummified so they strapped her to the wall as a warning to others....I think she looks like an angel. You can see more pics of THE LAST BOOKSTORE in last week's … Continue reading The Worst Breakfast – Perfect Picture Book Friday

THE LAST BOOKSTORE + The House of Lost and Found – Perfect Picture Book Friday

First, I've got to show you where a spent a few hours this past week during spring break in Los Angeles. Yes, it's THE LAST BOOKSTORE housed in an old bank in downtown LA!   And what did I find in THE LAST BOOKSTORE? Well, an unusual picture book written by Swedish author, Martin Widmark. … Continue reading THE LAST BOOKSTORE + The House of Lost and Found – Perfect Picture Book Friday

The Streak – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Having recently reviewed Barb Rosenstock's fabulous bio of Yogi Berra, I thought I'd reviewed Barb Rosenstock's THE STREAK: How Joe Dimaggio Became America's Hero....but it turns out I hadn't—until now. Baseball fans are familiar with how superstitious ball players can be. They wear their favorite socks, carry a luck talisman, or perform a key ritual … Continue reading The Streak – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Lights, Camera, CARMEN! – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Get ready for a strong, character-driven story. Meet CARMEN. But who's that kid in the background? Oh yeah, her little brother, Eduardo. Everything we need to know about the relationship between Carmen and Eduardo is shown on the title page: She is the star. He is her eager acolyte. On the first spread, it's made … Continue reading Lights, Camera, CARMEN! – Perfect Picture Book Friday


Everyone and anyone who wants to be a critical thinker needs to understand the scientific method. Perhaps a certain Cheeto-in-Chief would have taken a different path if he’d only learned this lesson. But maybe it’s not too late! Maybe if you win this book, you could send it to him. He and his henchmen could do experiments to understand the difference between fact and fiction.


But wait, it’s still a book, even if it does have pictures. There are still words to be read. And I forgot for a moment that our Cheeto-in-Chief doesn’t read. His gut tells him things, kind of like a psychic. So I guess that leaves him in the group of frightened mice who believe the owl is real. Maybe that owl is a metaphor for a wall. Maybe. Maybe it’s late, and I’m rambling.

In any case, go enter to win Mike Allegra’s new book, Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist! All you have to do is answer one thought-provoking question. I hear there’s going to be another science march. Once you read this book, you’ll be prepared. Your children/students will be prepared. But don’t expect the Cheeto-in-Chief to listen. Happy Reading!

Hey, Look! A Writer Fellow!

It’s time to win a signed, hardcover copy my new picture book: Scampers Thinks Like A Scientist!

Scampers Thinks Like a Scientist is the book that received a five-star review from Foreward Reviews. It’s the book that nabbed a glowing notice from the difficult-to-please Kirkus. And it’s the book that stars the cutest mouse in the history of ever.

Oh. My. God. Just look at that widdle face!

So let’s get started!

How To Enter

To enter the Scampers drawing, all you need to do is leave a comment below that answers this question:

Which fictional character would you most want to have as a next-door neighbor?

That’s it! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the random drawing for Scampers!

But Wait!

Do you already have a copy of Scampers? That’s great! Thank you!

Enter the contest anyway.

After all, if you win, you can…

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Yogi – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Spring training is in full swing and Barb Rosenstock's new book for baseball lovers (especially Yankee Fans) has hit the field. What were two of the things Yogi Berra was famous for? Here's a clue: The opening lines provide the themes for the story. Lawdie Berra (Yogi's given name) loved his family, his Italian neighborhood, … Continue reading Yogi – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Geraldine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I've been falling for giraffes lately. And Geraldine is no exception. From the jacket flap: "No, no, NO! Geraldine is not moving. Not to this new town where she's the only giraffe. Not to this new school where she has no friends. Not to this new place where everyone only knows her as That Giraffe … Continue reading Geraldine – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Hedy Lamarr’s Double Life – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Never judge an actress by her glamor or profession, because there may be something under that camera-ready veneer. In Hedy Lamarr's case, there was an extremely creative brain, one that worked nonstop, even while she was acting. Jacket flap: "Meet savvy scientist and inventor Hedy Lamarr, also known for her career as a glamorous international … Continue reading Hedy Lamarr’s Double Life – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe

You want VOICE? Here's VOICE. Cover copy: "All her life, Cricket's mama has told her stories about a secret room painted by a mysterious artist. Now Mama's run off, and Cricket thinks the room might be the answer to getting her back. If it exists. And if she can find it." The expectation set, readers … Continue reading Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe

Action Jackson – Perfect Picture Book Friday

I found Action Jackson while wandering through the library the other day, looking for mentor texts for a picture book biography about artists that I'm writing. Although the longer text (1,885 words) reveals that it's an older title (2002), I wanted to feature it here because I LOVE it! The opening: "In the afternoon, Jackson … Continue reading Action Jackson – Perfect Picture Book Friday