Celebrating with Light in Golden Gate Park

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you in the New Year!

Summer of Love at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park
A field of lights in Golden Gate Park

6 thoughts on “Celebrating with Light in Golden Gate Park

  1. FictionFan says:

    See, that was always how I thought of San Francisco – hippies, flower power and free love – until they made Charmed, and now I think of it as full of witches and demons… 😉

    Merry Christmas, Jilanne – hope you have a good one!

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      It still has its fair share of aging hippies and flower power but the demons and witches pretty much keep to themselves. Merry Christmas, Fiction Fan! And hope your 2022 is filled with lots of good reading and a manageable TBR pile.

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