Swamp Beast Bewitched by Sweets – Halloweensie Contest Entry

No Perfect Picture Book Friday post for me this week. It’s time again for Susanna Hill’s Halloweensie contest! Hundreds of writers join in the fun each year.

Rules: 1) Entries must be 100 words or less, not including title; 2) Must contain some form of the words: goodies, glow-in-the-dark, and goosebumps; 3) must not contain illustration notes; and 4) must be kid-friendly for those up to age 12. 

This year, my Halloweensie clocks in at 97 words and is written in rhyme. Yes, I played around with enjambment, and may have broken a rule or two, but gee willickers, I hope you find it a sweet diversion, anyway. Cheers!

Swamp Beast Bewitched by Sweets

by Jilanne Hoffmann


Every year I ring your bell, 


knowing that your witch’s spell 

will take its toll. 


Tempting goodies fill your bowl.

Chocolate bloodshot eyeballs roll. 

Candy corn are yellowed teeth!  

Cherry roll-ups underneath 

curl tight as tongues.  


What’s that? There’s more? 

Take a peek behind the door?  

Ghastly goosebumps spread like fire 

down my spine. I trip a wire. 

Tingling sparks! A blazing arc! 

Now I’m glowing in the dark!

Good-bye beast from black lagoon.

I’m a spell-shocked Mentos moon! 


Every trick you play each time 

is worth the treats— 

just don’t turn me into slime. 

For more Halloweensie stories, check out Susanna’s blog.

5 thoughts on “Swamp Beast Bewitched by Sweets – Halloweensie Contest Entry

    • Jilanne Hoffmann says:

      Thanks, Patricia! Yes, slime would have a hard time trick-or-treating….although I suppose it could surround and dissolve its treat. But traveling from house to house would be quite arduous, picking up detritus as it oozes along.

  1. ptnozell says:

    Such a fun Halloween story, and some great imagery. I absolutely love the spell-shocked Mentos moon – full moons will never look the same again! Happy Halloween!

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