Daisy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

Time for a book with a gentle, classic feeling, one that tugs at the heart strings, and leaves the reader hope-filled and ready to turn back to the beginning for another read.

Daisy was named after her mama’s favorite flower.

“They seem plain, but when you look closer

you see their beauty,” her mama would say.

There were times when she didn’t feel like her name.

Especially at school.

Text/Illustration ©️Jessixa Bagley

Look at that sweet, sad warthog face! Such heart!

Other animals make fun of her name, saying she looks more like a thistle than a daisy. And Daisy responds by putting her head down in shame.

But Daisy, like some children who are singled out and solitary, finds a way to entertain herself. She discovers things that were once treasures but have been long forgotten and lost or discarded by others. She takes them to her special fort, creating a wondrous hideaway. The other animals? They think she’s a junk collector.

One day, special treasures mysteriously start appearing at her fort. Where could they be coming from? Anticipation builds until she finds out and makes a friend.

Sometimes you just need to find your peeps, or they need to find you.

The front end papers are covered with tightly closed daisy buds, and the back end papers with daisies in full flower, a gorgeous metaphor for the story’s transformative moment.

Jessixa Bagley’s watercolor and pencil art in a spring-summertime palette is a perfect match for this tale of a budding friendship.


Make paper daisies.

Pair this book with Sweety by Andrea Zuill. How are the two books the same? How are they different?

Is making fun of someone a form of bullying? Why do you think the other animals made fun of Daisy? How did it make her feel? Has anyone ever made fun of you? How did it make you feel?

Use this resource from Pathway to Success for a lesson on kindness.

Title: Daisy

Author: Jessixa Bagley

Illustrator: Jessixa Bagley

Publisher: Holiday House, Neal Porter, 2021

Themes: friendship, self-esteem, bullying

Ages: preK- 3rd

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13 thoughts on “Daisy – Perfect Picture Book Friday

  1. Joanna says:

    What an adorable warthog (I love warthogs.) I want to give her a good cuddle and watch her grow and flourish with her new friend.

  2. Sue Heavenrich says:

    I love sitting with a Jessixa picture book ~ definitely going to look for Daisy. Because: secret forts, treasures, an unknown friend! thanks for sharing this one.

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